Team Building – Tips For Building an Effective Team

The success of any organization depends on how well the teams work together. The more they work in sync with each other, the more effective and efficient the organization will be. Hence, it is no wonder that most organization are trying to promote team building! But why team building? Like the five fingers on your hand, each member of the team is different. They come from various ethnic backgrounds, cultures and have varied talents. If left unattended to, they will work independently, each with their own objectives. This will lead to a lot of chaos and confusion. Hence, it is important to turn these differences into benefits by tapping each of their potentials and channelizing them to suit the organizational requirements. To create and develop an effective team which is also efficient is a challenging task. Though most of them try to accomplish this, they fall flat because they tend to miss out on a few important details. Hence, it is very important to keep a few points in mind while trying to work on building a team. In this article, we shall discuss a few tips that will help you build an effective team. The first step towards building a strong team is effective communication of team goals. Ensure that each team member is made well aware of the team objective and goals. This will ensure that the entire team will work towards achieving a common objective. It is important to explain each member the role they are going to play in helping the team be successful. This becomes very important if more than one person is aiming for a particular role. In those circumstances, you can divide the role amongst them and ensure that their roles and responsibilities do not overlap. Giving each one a free hand in their domain will ensure that your team tastes success very fast. Assess the strength and weakness of every team member before offering them a role to play. This is very crucial if you want everyone to put their best foot forward and deliver unparalleled solutions. The next important aspect to facilitate a great team building process is to involve the entire team in while making important decisions. This will make them feel important and more responsible towards their roles. Brainstorming as a team will also throw up better ideas and solutions. Another best part is that you can get a buy-in for the idea from the entire team which will help increase their ownership towards the project. One more very important aspect of building a strong team is ensuring that all the team members are kept well informed of the changes. Unexpected surprises and shocks can spring up a lot more tension and stress than what you imagined. Last but not the least, it is important to take the team out on a regular basis and ensure that the team bonds even outside office. This will help them understand their peers and colleagues better. It will also bring up new facets in a person that most of them are unaware of. Building an effective team is challenging but not impossible. Keeping the tips mentioned above will help you ease the process to a great extent. The rewards at the end of it are truly worth your time and patience.

Team Building: Leadership Strategies To Address Today’s Most Common Team Building Problems

Despite best team building efforts, many organizations are still operating on low power when it comes to producing desired results. They’ve invested time and dollars in events that supposedly help team members bond and function coherently, yet results are short term at best. So what’s the problem? Every situation is unique, but here are a few possibilities: • Some or all members don’t want to function as a team. They’ve become accustomed to operating independently and don’t see the value of operating as a whole. • Team building isn’t linked to business results. Instead the team experienced artificial feel good exercises. Although the team has learned about each other’s behavioral styles, motivational profiles, individual strengths, etc., they have failed to connect their efforts to desired business outcomes. • There’s no follow-up beyond a one-time event. A successful team building process should be approached strategically, not as a one-time event hoping for the best. It should result in actionable ideas to help the team and organization achieve their goals. Continued learning, action and reinforcement are critical. Of all of the potential issues that can negatively affect teambuilding, here are some of the most common impediments to team success in my experience and ways to overcome them. Team Building Impediment #1: Fuzzy focus. In this situation, the team doesn’t really know how to function. Either the team has lost focus on results or members have never been clear of their goals in the first place. Instead, they’ve become too internally fixated on other team members — judging what they’re doing, making assumptions, speculating, back stabbing, finger pointing, etc. Without a clear focus, team members frequently react to events in their immediate environment. They become distracted by other team members or simply respond to whatever issue lands in their lap. There’s no strategic team focus or energy to move forward. Suggestion: As the leader, you must step in and clarify big picture goals and expectations. In order to do complete this task effectively, you must communicate the goals in a number ways that appeal to a variety of team members. Some may need a visual representation (e.g., a roadmap); others may need to know the “why” behind the goals to buy in. Check for clarity. Ask the team to articulate their understanding of the overall goals in their own words. Then clarify or correct as needed. Team Building Impediment #2: Lack of leadership. Leadership is critical to help the team succeed. Without it, team members will resort to their own methods. Some will run as far and fast as they can to prove themselves, pushing boundaries and taking on too much risk. Others will sit idle for as long as they can, performing as little as possible, yet complaining about how much work needs to get done. Some leaders are too busy concentrating on their own political or career agenda. Other leaders just don’t understand their role or possess good leadership skills. Suggestion: Conduct regular strategic focus sessions. Strong leaders will help the team focus on the goal (the what) and key strategies (the how). Hold consistent informal one-on-one development meetings with direct reports to gain feedback, uncover trouble spots and leverage opportunities. If you need to build leadership skills yourself, make that a priority. If you value your career, find a coach or mentor to help you. Remember, in order to develop others – you must first develop yourself. Team Building Impediment #3: Stuck in sameness. The team is stuck in practices that may have been established years ago. They’ve gotten lazy or stopped trying new approaches. New team members may be frustrated by the apparent lack of openness to new ideas or ways of operating. Experienced team members defend the way things have always been done. Suggestion: Identify one aspect of the team that you would be excited to see change come about. Talk with your team to make sure everyone agrees it would be worth it to affect change in that area. Determine what the best possible outcome could be if the team made the change, adopted a new procedure, tried a new approach or do whatever it is you’re suggesting. Then call for ideas from the team on how to make it happen. Generating excitement about new possibilities makes it easier for the team to get unstuck. The most effective teams can maintain best practices while adapting to new environments or organizational changes. They are not content with sameness or status quo. Their best practices include constantly seeking new and better ways to perform their job. They are not content with going through the motions or frivolous exercises that may help increase awareness, but stop there. Final Thoughts: It doesn’t matter if Bob is a blue, green or yellow if he can’t connect his self-awareness to results. The same applies at the team level. Team members may find it interesting to learn more about team members, but be sure to help translate learning into results. Great team leaders spend time clarifying goals, cultivating their own leadership skills and identifying new ways to achieve great results. Not to be confused with micromanaging, an effective leader will check in from time to time to make sure the organization’s goals and strategies remain clear. At the same time, they help build capability of individual team members versus taking on the work of the team themselves. Simply opening productive and constructive communication to a greater degree will help leaders increase their effectiveness and their teams function most effectively. Leaders often feel unnecessary pressure to tell everyone on the team what to do. Focus on influencing versus doing. Team building is a means to an end, not an end in itself. What do you want your team to achieve?

How IT Managers Can Do A Better Job Of Team Building

The job of every IT manager is to find ways to use your IT manager skills to get the most productive work out of your team. However, your team is made up of a group of very diverse individuals – they really don’t have a lot to do with each other. What this means is that being an IT manager is much more than just telling people what to do, it’s convincing them to work together to accomplish a goal. I don’t believe that there is any IT manager training that can teach us how to do this. Before you can make this happen, you’re going to have to build a team…

What’s Wrong With Today’s Team Building

Team building is not something new. However, the ways that it is done today more often than not does not achieve its goals. The reasons for this are many; however, interviews with people who have attended building exercises have revealed some common factors. In a number of cases the building exercises had nothing to do with the company’s culture. In other cases the exercise placed staff in situations that they found either embarrassing or uncomfortable.

What a lot of our current building exercises are missing is an understanding of just exactly what we are trying to accomplish. The purpose behind making an investment in a building exercise is that you want to boost both communication within your team and camaraderie within your team.

Any building exercise is only going to last for a brief period of time. When it’s over the staff who participated in it will be going back to their offices. These offices may be located anywhere on the globe or everyone may already be part of the same office. As an IT manager, you are going to want to see improvement in how everyone works together once they’ve participated in the team building exercise.

How To Go About Building Teams The Right Way

So if we can all agree that it is easy to go about trying to do team building the wrong way, then what becomes most important is finding ways to go about doing this type of activity the right way. A lot of this starts with having you understand that within your team, there will always be people who don’t want to participate. Whatever exercise you do, you’ll need to make sure that it appeals to them and draws them in.

The team building exercises that your team is involved in need to reflect your company’s culture. You need to keep in mind that a team building exercise may be one of the few times that the various team members have to work side-by-side with each other. This means that you need to use this opportunity to have the exercise to allow them to discover things about each other such as how they prefer to make decisions. The thinking is that after the team building exercise is over, this information will allow everyone to work together more closely.

When you understand that in order for your team to work together smoothly, they need to understand how each other thinks and feels. The purpose of any team building exercise has to be to place the members of your team into a situation where they can’t succeed by themselves. Instead, they need to rely on others to achieve a goal. This may be a new situation for many of them, but developing this kind of skill is critical to showing your team how they can be successful by working together.

What All Of This Means For You

As an individual IT manager there is only so much that you can get done in a given day. If you are able to get the people who work for you to cooperate and work as a team, then you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more. It’s creating this team that can be the real challenge…

A lot of what passes as IT team building today does not accomplish what it is intended to do: build a team. There are a lot of different reasons for this but the most common ones are that the team building that was done had nothing to do with what the company does or that it made the people participating feel embarrassed. IT managers are finding new ways to engage their team members in team building activities. These new methods tap into pop culture and are more likely to draw all members of the time into the exercise.

As an IT manager you are not going to be effective if you don’t have a team to manage. Trying to manage a collection of individuals will be too hard and will consume too much of your time. Instead, you need to take the time to find the right team building exercises that will cause your collection of individuals to fuse into a smoothly working team. Yes, this will take time to do correctly; however, it can be done and the results are well worth it!

A Guide to the Different Types of Team Building

Team building is a diverse field with a wide variety of approaches that cater to an even wider variety of teams. They range from loud and outgoing activities that target younger audiences to more natural perception-based events staged for the more reserved or executive crowd.

After you have determined your budget, you’ll need to take stock of what your team needs to revive, repair, retain, or reward it. Only after assessing these two things will you be able to determine the type of team building that will do your key people the most good. If you find that your needs and your budget don’t align, you may have to adjust your budget or save for a while to be able to invest in what is needed.

Here are the big 3 types of team building, and a little bit about each one.

Office Session Team Building

This is the most well-known of the various kinds of team building options available. Countless comic strips make this the punch line of their office jokes, yet this is still a prevalent approach that many people rely on to pull their people together. It is by far the most economic option, but is also the least effective in terms of staff motivation and job satisfaction.

During an office team building session, contracted team builders come in to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and then provide various exercises meant to address them. The shortfall of this method is that these sessions tend to be viewed as cheesy, embarrassing, and overly transparent by a lot of people. If your team isn’t wholly composed of extroverts who don’t mind being the focus of the room during forced amateur improv performances, these sessions can even be daunting and perceived as more of a punishment than anything else. You really have to be aware of the personalities on your team when choosing this option.

The majority of people don’t want to play ‘two truths and a lie’ at work. Being quizzed on your personal life in order to level the playing field through mutual humiliation and dread is no way to build a team, and more times than not, that’s how people feel about it. There might have been a time and a place for them before, but now it seems they are outnumbered by more authentic options that build teams in a more natural way.

Survival, Risk, or Adrenaline Based Team Building

Another kind of team building that’s really making waves right now is organized group activities that are based on evoking survival instincts and adrenaline responses based on risky or downright frightening shared experiences. This is a great option if you’ve got a bunch of adventurers on your team. People that thrive on competition and tend towards stimulation rather than relaxation in their off-hours will eat this up. Sports and high-stakes sales teams are best suited to this level of stress-inducing fun.

Companies that cater to this kind of team building offer things like outdoor survival in the woods or desert, hunting, or camping in the secluded wild with limited resources for a week or over the weekend. Ziplining, base or skydiving, bungee jumping, and aerial obstacle courses are also shorter variations of the same kind of experience. If you’ve got a young team that thrives on new experiences, exhilaration, and challenges, this is a great option. Just make sure there’s a consensus before signing up for anything like this, or it will only defeat the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve.

Travel & Voluntourism Based Team Building

This option is likely a bit pricier than the other two types of team building experiences, but has the greatest opportunity for growth, revival, team member integration, company loyalty, good PR, and morale boosting. If you’re a company that is used to sending their executive, management, or sales teams off to weekend leadership development or corporate workshops, you might even find it to be less expensive than what you’re used to budgeting for.

The basic tenet that travel based team building revolves around is that sharing unique experiences with team members in a foreign setting forms strong bonds that might not otherwise develop, and inspires people to see and connect with the world around them in a new way. It provides common ground for team members to exist as equals, and encourages authentic awareness. It takes people outside of what they know, but in a comfortable enough way to make all the great stuff that comes from experiencing something like this worthwhile and easy to grow from. Climbing a volcano to roast marshmallows is both challenging and rewarding to achieve together. The view at the top inspires personal gratitude and awe of the world we’re a part of, and sharing this with teammates can really enhance the relationship they share.

A travel based team building experience that also incorporates voluntourism takes the travel experience one step further. In addition to sightseeing and climbing volcanoes together, it also gives the team something they can be proud of having accomplished together. Incorporating volunteer time into the tourism experience leaves the host community better and stronger than it was before thanks to the work of the contributing team. That can be a truly powerful feeling. It’s also something people want to hear about and take part it, and elevates not only your employee’s vision of the company, but your clients’ and community’s as well.

Team Building – What Can It Achieve?

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Use delineated and tasks with a deadline to endeavor a crew. It is often believed that competition works best to keep a team on its foot. This is not correct. Competition could be divisive plus there is always more losers than winners. In addition, staff are often pitted against each alternative. This has the opposite effect of bringing a team closer together. Cooperation is what works best in team building anytime.

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Team Building: Important For Every Business!

Many businesses find that their employees who work closely together effectively will perform higher and complete tasks quickly enough to remain competitive. Building team morale within your company is vital, as teamwork is extremely necessary to your business. If your staff members do not get on, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Morale will be low and this will in turn slow down and hinder progress. This is why team building exercises are crucial for maintaining the happy medium in the office.

Resolving conflicts

Facilitating conflicts can be a rough hurdle to overcome in business, as there may be a few diverse characters within the office, and needless clashes may occur. If you were to present team building drills or activities into working life and make time to do this once a month, or even quarterly, this will certainly play a significant role in easing conflicts amid colleagues as they will have time to build a relationship with one another and bond through the prearranged activity. The best types of team-building exercises are clearly the ones that allow colleagues to get to know each other on a personal level, rather than only a work level.

Trust Development

Trust is definitely a crucial element to business; even more so when teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve clients’ objectives; so team building exercises can help develop trust among your employees. If trust is not present, it can be to the downfall of a team; some will see this as a make or break situation as business can’t grow without teamwork. Developing a mutual trust by introducing team building activities can make your team more dependable on one another and in turn aid them to being more productive, as well as efficient.

Communiqué Improvements

Your employees can learn how to converse more efficiently with each other through team-building undertakings; and this is probable as they will have to solve difficulties and work together to complete tasks as a group. Splitting your staff into two groups and giving them a problem solving task where they are contending against the other team is a great way of getting your team to chat to one another casually. Working together to group their ideas and resources with the aim of winning the task is a shared communication exercise which will deliberately force people, who do not have a tendency to get on, to work together for the purpose of the team and to win the assignment against their contestants.

If you are in need of team building among your business to help the employees of your business to build a good relationship and improve the stability of them working together then please feel free to contact Adventure Zone.

Improve Creativity, Leadership Skill, Challenging Mind Through Team Building Events

In this modern world team building has become very famous and most used events. All sorts of modern businesses are arranging team building activities to build their best team with employees. Organizations are consulting team building activities Melbourne that will help them judge each employee and build various and effective teams to improve their productivity and sales. Various team building has various targets. We usually focusing on some goals like improvement of teamwork, understanding teamwork importance, boosting morals, leadership skill, creativity, improving challenging mind, build trust etc. all these team development activities Sydney will also provide employees with real fun and entertainment.
Improving communication skills:
Amazing race Melbourne is designed to improve communications among the employees. Improved communication among the employees can provide such effective workouts while non communication team cannot put out their best workouts. Good and friendly relations among the employees will help them to communicate with each other. Good relationships among the employees can be achieved after working as a team in team development activities.
Fun and entertainment
Employees can learn lots of things while they are having fun and entertainment. We are offering team development Sydney that brings real fun to the employees. This entertaining event will motivate them to work with force and creativity. Employees feel motivated in teams combined success so these events will make employees more motivated than before. Event team development Sydney is designed that will improve employees working ability and they will start had workings to achieve their goal.
One of the best entertaining team development Melbourne is dimension drums that also improve communication. It gives extreme entertainment to each employee. Building morale among the team is its main aim. In the session of this event we shall provide drums to all employees and they will create waves in air by drumming and will bring about great sounds and fund for all. Dimension drums help employees to learn lots techniques and by its biting sound employees will feel rhythm and unity. If you really want to uplift your team and want to create positive mind just consult super teams for thief event.
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